You need to spend your time focusing on your business - not spending hours setting up a system.

Stop feeling stressed!

Our time is precious and by having systems set up with automation and a PLAN, you won't need to feel stressed trying to manage all the tasks in your business on your own.


You didn't start a business just to give up your freedom and be tied to a computer. By implementing automation systems and amazing workflows, you will gain your time and freedom back while increasing your business!

And before you know it... your business will GROW!

Your "one-person-show" can grow in any direction you want to go. Stop feeling like you are stuck with wearing all the hats in your business. Grow and scale how YOU want to and blast through that income ceiling!

With 25 years of business experience under my belt, I can honestly say that I've felt the same way. Stuck. Frustrated.

Wanting to automate and scale, but not knowing how. My life stuck on repeat every day with task after task. Lost time and freedom. Grinding away in my business...


Then I discovered HONEYBOOK!

As your Honeybook Pro, I show you how to get your life back with simple automation, lead capture, onboarding, invoicing, and a multitude of other features that you can harness for scaling your business.

Imagine if your business could continue to GROW and MAKE MONEY while you are not at your computer!!


Your own customized automation system set up with Honeybook!

From start to finish, we are right there with you and everything is completed AND RUNNING within 14 Business Days!

Let's dive in...



Let's Get Started

99% of businesses have the exact same system process.  That extra 1% is YOU and what you bring to the table. 

You just need to make the decision to get started and we take it from there.

Let's Customize Your Honeybook System

We've already created the PROVEN email templates and the automations, so now it's just time to add YOU!

Adding in some colors and branding to make the system reflect the feel of your business.

Time to Automate your Business!

You will walk away with:

Your system completely set up and ready to go in 14-business days
No more missed emails
Automations that make your system a streamlined machine
Gain your time back with all those repetitive tasks automated

AT THE END OF THE DAY, YOU ARE HANDED THE KEYS to your automated business!

Can you imagine being able to wake up and NOT having to answer a million emails?

Imagine how much easier, lighter, happier, better things will be when your business is running smoothly without being online all the time.


You will be provided with 6 months of access to a CUSTOM Mini-Course designed for YOUR business! Including videos explaining HOW your new system works. This can be used for training and as your Standard Operating Procedure Manual.


30-days of post-intensive support!

This can include video recordings or emails for instructions.


yes - I'm ready to get my time back! >


I couldn't have done my CRM set up without Dana for my new consulting business. AND, I won't do my bookkeeping without Dana for my consulting business. That should tell you that not only were her services essential for me to get started with my consulting business - I see Dana as essential to my business going forward. From one entrepreneur to another, don't start your business in consulting without consulting with Dana!

Dana Sacco of i2iHype is amazing!! When I started my bookkeeping business, I knew I had to have contact to contract as well as task management systems in place to efficiently run my business. Dana not only set up both systems for me but patiently guided me through the learning curve. Engaging i2iHype was the best decision I’ve made for my business!

I really lucked out when I found Dana Sacco to help me refine my use of a new Honeybook software system for my clients. She was able to quickly understand the intricacies and nuance of my business and how I needed my workflow and interactions to be, and used her deep knowledge of a whole bunch of tech products to set me up. She also was very responsive and accommodating, and found the time to fit me in for an emergency session before the holidays. Thank you Dana!

Freedom and Growth are happening BECAUSE of AUTOMATION SYSTEMS.


This templated system JUST FOR BOOKKEEPERS is just $800. 

Q. How much do you charge?

No, as a Honeybook Pro, I am a vetted consultant which is someone who has shown the ability to work with and inside Honeybook so you don't need to worry about it!

Q. Do you work for Honeybook?

50% is due upon booking. The remaining 50% is due in 10 days from the project start date.

Q. How do you handle billing?

Absolutely! There is one built into all my contracts, but I will sign your NDA once I review it.

Q. Will you sign and NDA?

No problem at all! I work with a lot so if you don't see it - ASK!

Q. What if Honeybook isn't the best fit for my business?

I am happy to work with people around the world! It’s one of the joys of running this business (bonus if you call from Scotland – not sure if I’ll listen to the call – but I love the accent!)

The only rule is understanding when MY office hours are so don’t always expect instant responses.

Q. I'm not in the US, can you still help me?




yes - I'm ready to get my time back! >

Stop the stress and grow with automation!