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Feeling Overworked And Overwhelmed About The Future Of Your Business


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Gaining Clear, Actionable Roadmap For Breaking Into The Next Level Of Growth And $10K Months You've Always Wanted

Without Ever Having To Sacrifice Your Social Life Every Single Day

How Long Have You Been Telling Yourself: 

 "Maybe One Day I'll Make It To A 6-Figure Business?"

Those countless hours of being glued to your screen...

All those times you had to work on low-paying jobs you despised...

Feelings of guilt every time you think of taking a day off...

... because you're working out of the fear and anxiety about your future.

Ain't you so tired of everything?

Listen, I know you love being aN ONLINE PROVIDER

But do you love it enough to keep working on soul-draining jobs for the better part of 2 or 3 decades and wait until then you hit that 6-figure threshold you always dreamed of?

Being an online service provider is nowhere easy. 

You constantly miss out on family time.

Miss out on doing the things you love.

Always keep your vacation delayed, just to get that last bit of stacked schedule done.
All these dilemmas and more are what you and thousands of other service providers experience every single day.

And unfortunately, most of them end up going through a damaged work-life balance, which not only affects their well-being but also makes them lose connection with their loved ones.

Now be honest with me for a second: 

Is that what you imagined your life to look like when you decided to start your online service business in the first place?

No, you wanted to enjoy:

A bigger, robust income

Travel the world without thinking twice 

Live happily with your family

Go to sleep knowing that tomorrow, no matter what you wanted to do, you could do it and land those big-dream clients who are happy to pay you.
Well, if you nodded to everything I just said, then you're exactly where you need to be...

Hear From Other online service providers Who Have Already Benefited By Working With Me

Dana is so great. She is easy to talk to but also has a no-nonsense approach to business and I love that! She has a huge toolbox full of tips and tricks to make running your business a seamless experience. Her systems are flawless and they bring so much reassurance. She is also incredibly encouraging, helpful, a good teacher, mentor, coach and wants her clients to succeed! I highly recommend her.
-Sheniz Douglass

Hi, My Name Is Dana Sacco!

I'm Here To Show You How You Can Break Free From Back-And-Forth Low-Paying Jobs And Enjoy Scaling To a $10K Income In No Time! 

With my 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship and 14 years of experience as an online service provider, I specialize in helping online service providers like yourself to leverage the action-ready plan and create a business that can be scaled for years to come.

I've been where you're now and I know exactly what you're going through on a daily basis: the hectic to-do lists you're surrounded by, and how burnt out you feel working overtime and being tied to a screen for 10 hours a day or more.

After years of being in the trenches, and learning the ins and outs of multiple aspects of business, I've managed to demystify everything it takes to develop a plan that could make anyone $10K in a few short months, all without sacrificing their social life.

And today I'm offering you my years of versatile experience to help you sleep stress-free knowing your business is thriving.


6-Figure VIP Experience Day 

Gaining Clear, Actionable Roadmap For Breaking Into The Next Level Of Growth And $10K Months You've Always Wanted

Most online service providers start with a bang, but after 6-8 months, they tend to get stuck and start hitting the plateau. At this stage, the crucial key is to step up your overall experience with an actionable plan and a clear sense of direction. 

We both know your main problem is scaling.

You get to work with someone whose process starts by listening to your perspective of the problem, studying where your business stands, and how a custom-built marketing strategy can help you meet your unique needs.

Through this 6-figure VIP experience day...

Or someone who's looking for an edge in your career, I can help you develop a step-by-step plan of action that works to scale your business correctly and maximize your chances of making $10K as an online service provider.

No matter if you're starting from scratch...

Here Is Exactly What You Get When You Invest In The 6-Figure VIP Experience Day

Most online service providers start with a bang, but after 6-8 months, they tend to get stuck and start hitting the plateau. At this stage, the crucial key is to step up your overall experience with an actionable plan and a clear sense of direction. 

2-hour One-On-One Session 

Through our 2-hour 1:1 strategic call, I'll get clear insights into your unique situation and understand how and where you want to move forward in the market. By defining your ideal client base, crafting your personal marketing strategy, and building an irresistible offer and best-deal-approval packages, I go the extra mile to give you a roadmap you need to scale your business to $10K month after month.

Tailored, Action-Based Plan

You get a quick and effortless commitment with me by your side. No matter how intricate or comprehensive your requirements are, I prioritize your order and ensure speedy delivery of a straightforward-to-follow action plan in as soon as 48 hours.

Fast Delivery

If you think that you will be given a concrete action plan and left alone, then I want you to think again. Because within 7 days of the plan being delivered, I offer a 60-min follow-up session to chime in and help you get all your burning questions answered and ease your difficulties right away.

1-hour Follow-Up Session

From this point forward, working out of fear and stress will no longer be in your dictionary. Break out from the cycle of overwhelming thoughts of never knowing how your business can actually thrive and start experiencing the real happiness of scaling your income to $10K every month.

A Pleasant 6-Figure Journey Awaits You

so are you ready For A Clear Roadmap You Need To Make Your Dream Of Hitting $10K Come True?

Let's see if we are a great fit!

So get started right now and treat yourself to a 6-Figure VIP Experience!

Now is the time to choose the future you want to live, whether you want to spend the next 10 years worrying about scaling your business, or you want to experience the power you'll have when you can literally explode your business and hit $10K threshold that enables you to live your life however you love.

Get your 6-Figure VIP Experience Day Now! >

Join me today before I'm all booked up and get instant access to a tailor-made plan of action to thrive your business for years to come. See you soon!

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If you aren't ready to commit yet to implement everything mentioned in your plan of action alone, why don't you join my Level Up Implementation 1:1 Coaching Service as well?

You see, even though the 6-Figure VIP Experience Day alone will show you a solid road plan to scale your income to $10K months.

But what if you could get access to my high-level done-with-you coaching and work with me 1:1 to implement every strategy, get your ideal clients, have kick-ass systems, and hit your $10K income goals in as soon as 3 months?

This upgraded level of guidance and handheld support is sure to not only take all the guesswork, exhaustion, and headache out of the equation...

But it could also give a head-start to faster, thriving business growth, free from plateaus and feeling stuck within as little as 3 months.

So, if you like the sound of Done-With You Implementation Coaching. I'm ready to help and waiting for you on the other side.

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